TRINITY LEARNING CARE will reopen on 9 April (Sat). We are looking for the following volunteers to participate every Saturday morning. If you are interested, kindly contact Sis. Tees Sia (016-8567739) for more details.

(A) Teacher:

  1. English and Math teachers (Kindergarten, SK, SJK & Secondary School students). One class per grade.
  2. Preschool and primary school assistant teachers
  3. Primary English one-to-one reading teacher
  4. Primary school remedial Math teacher

(B) Driver:

  1. Drive the church van to pick up students
  2. 5 drivers in the morning, 7:30am-9am
  3. 3 drivers in the afternoon, 12:30pm-2pm


[三一学习中心] 将于9/4 (星期六) 重新开放补习班。我们需要义工参与每周六上午的服侍。有兴趣者,请联络佘巧雨姐妹 (016-8567739)。

(A) 教师:

  1. 英文和数学老师(幼儿班,国小, 华小&中学生).每个年级开一班。
  2. 幼儿和小学助理老师
  3. 小学英语一对一阅读老师
  4. 小学数学一对一老师

(B) 司机:

  1. 驾驶福音车载送学生
  2. 5名早上司机,7:30 am-9am
  3. 3 名中午司机,12:30pm-2pm