TRINITY ELDERCARE CENTRE invites you to be part of our growing and active Volunteers Team. For beginners, our experienced nurses and volunteers will be there to guide and help you to reach out to our elders.

  1. RECEPTIONIST (9am -11am or 2pm - 4pm shift, Mon to Fri)
  2. MORNING WALK  (8:30-9:30am, Mon to Fri)
  3. PHYSICAL EXERCISE  (9:30-103:0am, Mon to Fri)
  4. READING  (10am – 11am or 2:30pm – 3:30pm, every Wed or Fri)

Please select the area you can serve in and your preferred time slot.

Contact Sis Mee Ling or Sis Mee Hua at 082-255758.

三一日照中心- 召募义工


  1. 中心柜台接待员(9am-11am 或  2pm-4pm,星期一至五)
  2. 早晨散步(8:30am-9:30am,星期一至五)
  3. 保健操/赞美操(9:30am-10:30am,星期一至五)
  4. 阅读(10am-11am 或 2:30pm-3:30pm,星期三 或 五)

若有感动成为义工者,请选择合适您的时段,并联络李美玲姐妹或池美华姐妹(082-255758) 。