Cathy 1

It all started in March 2013 when I was in dessert dry land of my ministry serving and my Christian walk. I was in very desperate situation and I was about to give up the serving among university students. As I felt that, there was no progress in my serving. I was emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted.

I gave God only 30days to speak to me. I told God I would wake up early in the morning at 5am pray, read His Word, and talk to Him for 30 days. I prayed the 1st day, 2nd day and 3rd day...nothing happen. I did not hear anything. Until one day, I attended an inter-denomination prayer for our nation. The speaker talked about the revival of Malaysia starts with individual’s revival. Revival starts with confession, repentance and sanctification of individual life

I started to ask God to reveal to me areas of my life that needs transformation, as I really care about my nieces and nephews. I want to see them be bless in the future Malaysia. I started to realize the severity and danger of not starting to pray for our nation. I started to commit in inter-denomination pray for Malaysia platform since then. I received the baptism of Holy Spirit.

God saw my heart and desire. He started to work on me in July 2013. Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. Deuteronomy 6:5 I had heard a lot about Mt Murud through our cell group members but I never have any intention to climb Mt Murud until 2013. The thought of seeking God at Mt Murud came to me in June 2013. I asked God to give me five signs of confirmation. I was so shocked that all five signs fulfilled within one week. That started my Mt Murud journey of 2013.

What did I receive in 2013? A spiritual heart surgery. I heard God’s voice calling my name for the first time during the first phase of Mt Murud journey. I was asking God why He wanted me to climb this mountain. Immediately I heard a voice responding from the top “Cathy, you have to come up to the mountain top to seek me and worship me”. Immediately I knew that that is the voice of the Father. After hearing the voice, I felt that I no longer physically exhausted, I became so light and I felt myself dancing up to the mountaintop.

When I reached to the church camp, I was not tire as well. I eagerly waited for God. Early in the morning 5am, I would prepare myself and wait upon God at the Hallelujah Sanctuary. Did God appear? Yes, every time I went into the sanctuary He was there. I told Jesus all my issues, my problems, my struggles, my fear, my concern, my anxiety...etc. He listens attentively to all my problems. His presence is amazing.

  • 2015 God prompted me to meet Him at Mt Murud. I responded.
  • 2017 God prompted me. I responded.
  • 2019 God prompted me to climb the peak. I responded.

Can God meet us in our home? In Swinburne? In church? In work place? YES! YES! YES! So why Mt Murud? Because place like Mt Murud is not as distracted as our home,workplace, church and fancy shopping malls, no entertainment, no internet, no fancy cooking, no distraction from friends, no deadlines, no endless meetings, no appointments..God wants our 100% attention so to bless us. He likes to know how we are doing. He is ready to listen to all our complaints, issues and problems. He wants to give us solutions to our issues and problems in our lives, our church, our ministry, our workplace and our nation and etc.

Why many Christians cannot see God? Cannot sense God and cannot hear God? I was like that before, cannot sense, cannot hear and cannot see. I have ear but cannot hear, I have eyes but cannot see. I was blind and deaf spiritually. I need spiritual healing. God had to remove many things from me in order for me to hear Him clearly. It is a journey of humbleness, surrendering, confession, repentance,restoration and obedience.

What did God removed from my life since 2013?

  • My bitterness towards myself (self-condemnation) – feeling not good enough,hopelessness and helplessness.
  • My bitterness towards others who hurt me and broke my heart.
  • My frustration towards God – not answering me in time of challenges I faced in life and ministry.
  • My anxiety for tomorrow!
  • My full list of fear! - Fear of not enough money for future! Fear of not enough saving for future! Fear of not being able to pay off my housing loan! Fear of losing love ones! Fear of darkness! Fear of ghosts! Fear of evil spirits! Fear of snakes! ...
  • Hidden sins.
  • Broken relationship.
  • Curses.
  • My self-righteousness of knowing everything and without waiting for God.
  • My inconsistency of communication with Him. One day devotion the other day not.
  • My laziness to read His Word and fell in sleep while reading His Word.
  • My pride.
  • My protective layer of not allowing God to know and see 100% of me. Only allow Him to know 60-70%.
  • Not patient to wait for God. Very restless to solve problem with my own strength, knowledge and ability especially in ministry and serving. What happen after God removed all the unwanted anxiety, fear list, bitterness, self-righteousness, pride, inpatient and sins from my life?
  • I could hear God clearly.
  • I could hear His instruction clearly.
  • I receive new revelations from God.
  • I could serve in ministry more effectively.
  • Word becomes alive every time I read His Word.
  • I could rely on the strength of Holy Spirit to overcome emotional challenges and stress from work place, church, family, ministry and relationship.
  • I become more humble, teachable and obedient to God.
  • I fear God not fear man.
  • I could live out the Word of God through the help of Holy Spirit.
  • I no longer fear of devil and evil spirits.
  • I could visit cancer patients and hospital patients with no fear.
  • I could prayed for sick boldly.
  • I could join team to cast out demons.
  • Talking and discussion with God becomes norm to me.
  • Praying and worship becomes enjoyable. Lyrics of songs speak to my soul,mind and spirit.
  • I could serve and share of God’s goodness in my life boldly. Did God perform any miracle in my life? Is our God the God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob? Did God still perform miracle in our era? YES! YES!YES!
  • The biggest miracle is my salvation and my family’s salvation. My father received Jesus before he passed away at the age of 57.
  • God performed a miracle healing on me on 13 Feb 2014. Totally healed me from stage 3 cancer. Went through operation but with no treatment as instructed by God.

Jeremiah 30:17a “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds”,declares the Lord. I received this Word from God for my healing. 

  • God blessed my family with financial blessing – relieving my family from huge bank overdraft. Set us free from financial bondage.
  • God performed a miracle healing on my brother who suffered from severe stroke.

Many more...

  • 2019 - God healed my toe miraculously. My right big toe swelled badly and became black after too much walking from Lepo Bunga – church camp – Peak of Mt Murud – church camp and to Lepo Bunga. Total walk is 6 hours + 4 hours + 4 hours + 6 hours = 20 hours! Pastor Patrick and KK saw the swell of my toe when I visited City Mall on Sunday.God spoke to me on Monday. First, soak your feet in a bucket of water with Bakalalan Salt. Secondly, released the pressure of the injured toe with a needle. My toe restored completely. Hallelajuah! God never fails us. I asked for his protection on this journey to the peak. I know my limitation. I negotiated with God not to let any of my toe turn black - before the climb in Kuching since I responded to His call to the peak.

The reason being in 2013, my right big toe turned black after the climb to Mt Murud. I went through a painful journey of toe recovery. The nail came off and I had to take care of it until the new nail grew. It was very inconvenient. I told God, this time He really have to protect my toes. As I had to lay down my Final Exam’s marking and climb this challenging peak. I do not want to mark my paper with painful and swelling toes. Actually, God just quietly and calmly listened to my negotiation.God is amazing! All glory to Him. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Written by Cathy Ling