Dirt n speed 1

Many people asked me about my experience at the Mt Murud Prayer Gathering. This was my first encounter and I want to say that the prayer experience was really not just about the organized gatherings at the Church Camp but the whole journey. In other words, my whole Mt Murud Prayer experience includes the packing, climbing up and down the mountain and daily interactions with people. Let me just share two of the many encounters.

Initially, when I started the climb, I wanted to make sure that I stepped on the right footings so as not to slip and not to get my shoes into the mud. But as I went along, I found myself stressed up unnecessarily. Moreover, I thought I could have walked faster. So, I tried to just let go and not to be bothered by the dirt; then, surprisingly I found myself lighter, faster and more efficient. In the same way, if I am conscious about dirt collected in my hands all the time, I can never be able to serve joyfully and light-heartedly.

Another thing that I was over-conscious in the course of climbing is “how long more?” Needless to say, the climb was challenging. Thus, I wonder how long more would I reach at the destination. I asked almost every person that came in my opposite direction, “How long more?” They replied, “Not long, one more hour.” Or “Not very long, another half an hour.” But these people’s definition of time is different from mine. Their speed is not my speed. Their one hour could mean three hours in my speed.

And apart from replying my question on time, they were more concerned about encouraging me, “Uncle, perlahan! Uncle, semangat! (slowly and steady! Cheer up!)”

Dirt n speed 2

I prayed to God, “Lord, what is it that you want to teach me through this?” The Lord impressed upon me that, following Him is not about speed, it is about faithfulness in the journey and doing what He command. The Lord reminded me that I do not need to compare with others how soon I arrived at the destination, but how well I run the race.

I pray that these prayerful encounters and many others will continue to impact my walk with the Lord and my love towards people.

by Rev. Lau