Judith 1

Why do I need to come to Mt Murud to meet God? Why took such a challenging journey for what, for whom? What are the reason not to climb the summit? What do I put myself up to? Why did I put myself through this? Why am I cried uncontrollably? Why am I coming back again and again? Why? Why? Why?

The challenging journey stretched and caused us to come to the pit of our own ability & self-reliance. Praying and crying out to God become our normal conversation. God is no longer distant but close at heart. We began to acknowledge our need and dependence on Him. Then we began to hear Him speaking into our conditions and minister to us at what we bring to Him.

In the long stretched leg of journey, one’s could not help but talking to Him and bring to Him what is in our mind and soul. Even so the physically strong, yes, their thoughts could be to conquer Mt Murud, “Mt Murud , ini Gunung Tuhan”. Yes, God never failed to conquer them through Mt Murud.

My own journey began 12 years ago. Why going back again? I must said God never failed to minister and renews me every time I went back. First time, I went with eagerness and great expectation to meet God. And He did just that and restored me. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th times were much compelled by the love and experiences that I had received from Him and a sense of calling to be one of His vessels to extend God’s invitation to those He himself will invites.

Judith 2

My greater take for this trip is a deeper appreciation of Mt Murud ministry as an expression of the deeper desire of the Holy Spirit for personal as well as a cooperated revival. God provides a path (a physical journey) through the jungle of Borneo for one to be abandoned from the world and self in order to seek Him. The measure to be found by Him is the measure that you are willing to abandon for Him.

This physical journey is a reflection of your spiritual journey! Spiritual journey need to be led and under the sovereignty of the Spirit of the Living God. Logic, reasons of mere human will confine to mere human understanding and perspectives. Asking and pleading Holy Spirit to breathe and flow through us with His power and fill us with His understanding and wisdom is the cry for the church who yearn to know His plan and to do His will.

Mt Murud Ministry has been faithful to obey God’s call to provide a place and a time for all that has response to the call of “Come”.

“ Come, though you might not be so certain why you come.”

“Come to me all ye who are labour and heavy laden”, 

“Come, come freely to a place of reconciliation with God, with self and others!”

“Come, where everyone acknowledge our neediness to make whole, to be renewed once again”.

His gentle breathe that blow upon us refreshes us, the living water that flow mightily through us, awaken us. The great assurance of His presence that is with us steer us once again through that narrow door heavenward with hope. The joy of finding Him accompany us in this journey become the basis of our strength to journey ahead! All glory and honor to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost!

Written by Judith Tang