Jacinta 1

“What am I doing here, Lord?” is the only thing I have in mind when I was hiking up Mount Murud, with no idea how much more distance to go. Ever since the invitation was issued to the LCEC members last year, I had been praying to God if He wants me to go. People told me that if God wants me to go, He will make me go.

The hike is tough, with the trail being muddy and dirty. It was when I was at ends meet, with no more strength in my feet, that I cried out to God to strengthen me and carry me through. When I finally reach the church camp up in Mount Murud, totally drained, I was still questioning God why He made me come here. During the first session, one statement from the preacher hit me. “Those from the city, you saw that the trail is muddy, so you try to avoid the mud. You don’t want to get yourself dirty”. That is the first hit from God, my stubborn refusal to get dirty for Him. I always pray to God for a smooth sailing life, to take away all the trials and struggles. But that is not what being Christian is all about! In the Bible, Christ clearly told us that we will face trials and persecution if we choose to be His follower. He Himself was persecuted when He was on earth. There, I cried and repented.

Jacinta 2

I came to the mountain looking for God, and I found Him in the jungle, as I hiked up and down the mountain. He proved Himself faithful, hearing my prayers and answering them. I did not see vision, nor hear voices. I felt His quiet, but sure presence, walking alongside me in the jungle, pushing me or pulling me up when necessary. This is the God I found. He will never leave me, nor forsake me. Just as He is with me in the jungle journey, He will be with me along my spiritual journey. Perseverance is what God wants me to learn, as written in Philippians 3:14 “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus”.

Written by Jacinta Kong