TLC organized an outing trip for Primary School students, to the Borneo Cultures Museum on 3rd September 2022. There were 54 primary school students, 7 teachers and 3 helpers, and 6 drivers who took part in the outing trip.

The museum consists of 5 levels. Due to time constraints, the students only visited Level 2 and Level 3. Level 2 housed the exhibit of "Children's Gallery, and Arts & Crafts Gallery", while Level 3, "In Harmony With Nature Gallery

In Level 2 Children Gallery, there is a "Love Our River" exhibition, where our TLC students went on an adventure with the River Guardians to learn about the rivers of Sarawak and how to keep them clean. The Arts and Crafts Gallery is an active space for workshops on arts, crafts, and performances. Unfortunately, the Arts and Crafts Gallery was not open to the public at the time of visit.

In Level 3 In Harmony with Nature Gallery, the students encountered stories of the people who live in the coastal, rainforest, and highland regions of Sarawak. By listening to stories, and seeing zoological specimens, the students had an immersive experience via the highly interactive displays.