1. Introduction

Sister Lily Tang of TMC had special burdened for the people in Taman Maliha when she visited the place with her husband Brother Stephen Tang in 1986. At that time, this new low cost housing estate had just been developed and most of the people were idol worshippers. Stephen and Lily heard their cries and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit proposed to start a new preaching point there. In Year 1988, Taman Maliha Methodist Preaching Point was officially established under the leadership of Rev. Khoo Ho Ping of TMC with about 20 worshippers.

Tadika Methodist Matang was established in 1996 under the chairmanship of Brother John Chieng in TMC. It was the first kindergarten in Taman Maliha. Before that, all children who wished to attend kindergarten classes had to travel a good distance to Matang Jaya or Kuching Town daily. Through the Preaching Point, and the request of the locals, the idea of setting up the kindergarten was mooted. The primary objectives are to provide good moral, spiritual, social and emotional development to the young children and at the same time to spread the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ to the students and families for the advancement of His Kingdom. In this way, Tadika could become an engine of  growth for Taman Maliha Methodist Preaching Point.

2. A Humble Beginning: Year 1996

The kindergarten was initially housed in two cornered single story terraced houses at No.30 and 31, Lorong 7-A3, Taman Maliha, Matang, starting with only 33 students.

3. The Promised Land : Lot 241 Block 8, Matang Land District

Our Good Lord bless Tadika Methodist Matang richly. By Year 2001, we had 85 students and the two cornered single story terraced houses had become too small for the purpose. The Lord, our Provider led TMC to purchase a parcel of land (1.25 acres) in Year 2001. Immediately, a block of classrooms was being constructed there and by middle of Year 2002, TMM has moved to this present site.

Additional Block of classroom was added in 2004 when the number of students reached 200.

4. Taman Maliha- Our Mission Field?

The Lord has blessed Tadika Methodist Matang tremendously under the leadership of the principal, Sister Yek Yew Yieng and all the teachers (9 of them with 199 students in 2007). In all these years, they are actually “missionaries”, living among the people, sowing and planting seeds of the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ to the young children, parents and neighbours there. Other than teaching, they are all actively involved in the weekly visitation to the homes of the students and families. But with about 200 students under their care, they realize how weak they can be without God's love! God is their strength! Indeed, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few!

Taman Maliha Preaching Point is now using two of the proposed classrooms as her worship sanctuary. The number of worshippers per week is still about 50 per week, after 20 years’ of presence there. The peoples’ hearts are hard (strong idol worshippers) but have we in TMC, done our best to assist and strengthen our daughter church in Taman Maliha? Therefore, I invite all brothers and sisters (especially those in the Chinese Congregation) to join me in this harvest field in Taman Maliha. Go and visit the place, pray for the people there and if possible, join the Taman Maliha Preaching Pont Sunday Worship (Mandarin) at 10:30 AM.