The brief background of TMC was compiled by the then Chairman of LCEC, Brother Henry Wong in 1999 in conjunction with TMC 15th Anniversary.

Date Events
1957 To cater for the non-Mandarin speaking worshippers, the Chin-Fu Methodist Church started the English Service.
1982 The idea of independent identity was first mooted
27.02.83 The proposal of establishing the English Congregation was tabled at the Local conference.
03.06.83 The application was forwarded to SCAC for approval
03.11.83 The Chin-Fu LCEC meeting agreed that the renovation of TMC would be the 13th Anniversary project.
03.1984 Renovation began.
19.08.84 The first service was held.
26.08.84 Thanksgiving and dedication services were held at 8:30 am and 3:00 pm respectively and was officiated by the Bishop Rev. C. N. Fang.
20.12.87 The Christmas Celebration night began the mission work at Taman Malihah, Matang.
05.01.92 TMC began a new journey with Mandarin Service.
01.1995 A new preaching point was established at Hui Sing Garden. It is now a full church called Faith Methodist Church.
1996 Tadika Methodist Matang was set up to cater for the needs of the local residents and for our outreach work.
15.02.98 Another English Service (11:30 am) was added.
1998 Siniawan Preaching Point was established by TMC. Lundu Preaching Point was established by FMC.
03.07.99 Buildings were completed and dedication services were held for Siniawan and Lundu preaching points by the President, Rev. Ting Daik Choung.


Notes: This article was published in the TMC 15th Anniversary Magazine in August 1999.