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Sunday Worship 
 8:00 am - 华语堂 @ 圣堂
 8:00 am - BM @ Chapel of Good Samaritan
10:30 am - English @ Sanctuary
Sunday School
 8:00 am - Chinese and BM 
10:30 am - English 

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Trinity Newsletter

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We are pleased to announce that the publication of our Trinity Newsletter Issue No 6 will be available now. We have printed 250 copies for those who need a hard copy.

The Trinity Newsletter will be a quarterly publication accessible from our website in either PDF or ePub format.

We thank God and the editorial committee for making it all possible to release this issue. Happy reading and be blessed with all the sharings.

Trinity Newsletter Committee


Available Format:
PDF : best viewed in laptops and PC
ePub: best viewed in mobile phones and tablets. Need to download eBook reader apps like FBReader
To download the FBReader app, click the links below
IPhone :

Available Issues:
2022-03 Issue 6: PDF ; ePub
2021-12 Issue 5: PDF ; ePub
2021-09 Issue 4: PDF ; ePub
2021-06 Issue 3: PDF ; ePub
2021-03 Issue 2: PDF ; ePub
2020-12 Issue 1: PDF ; ePub