Trinity Learning Care

20140803 class02 Trinity Learning Care is one arm of the Care and Compassion Ministries within our church.In bahasa, it is called Pelayanan Bimbingan Pendidkan Trinity.

The objective of the ministry is to bring the realisation of God's love and salvation to students and their family members through elevating education status of the children with needs for academic help yet have not the means to access conventional tuition.

Throwing needy students a lifeline

TLC1POVERTY nearly forced a bright young girl from a squatter colony in Kuching to quit school and become a teen housewife.

Living in a state of deprivation, she saw no hope, no future and lost the desire to study.

A lack of parental supervision is also said to have pushed her astray outside school.

While in Form 1, she liked going out with the other boys and girls — some older than her. She grabbed every opportunity to sneak out and loiter with her peers when her parents were at work.

Things, however, have changed for the better for this young girl thanks to the Trinity Learning Care's (TLC) — provided by the Trinity Methodist Church (TMC) at Jalan Ellis, Kuching — intervention.

TLC Volunteer Workers 2014

Trinity Learning Care is supported by a group of dedicated volunteered workers. They are involved in the teaching, driving the vans to bring the children to church every Saturday morning and bringing them back later on. There are also volunteers doing the administration work, keeping the records. We are blessed with the support of small groups in providing the lunch every Saturday. We need more volunteer workers to help in the teaching of English and Math.

 Volunteered Teachers

Volunteer Teacher

Volunteered Drivers amd Administration Support

Volunteer Workers

Organization 2015

Plan and Setup


Bible lesson Maths Recess English Lunch
9:30-10:00 10:00-11:15 11:15-11:30 11:30-12:30 12:30-1:00


Coordinator Lee Khoon Siew
Teachers/Adminstrator Lee Ping
Curriculum Lee Ping and George Lee
Student’s affairs/Disciplinarian George Lee
Logistics James Lau and Lau Sie Hang
Lunch Lee Khoon Siew


The following teachers are presently volunteering.

Teachers Main teacher Relief teachers
Bible Lesson George Lee Richard Labung
Secondary Maths Tony Yap Joyce Wong
Secondary Eng Yeo Gim Suan Diana Labung
Pri. 5 & 6 Maths/Eng Teng Lee Fang &Lim Hong Lee Khoon Siew
Pri. 3 & 4 Maths/Eng Seah Han Rong Alice Labung
Pri. 1 & 2 Maths/Eng Erwinia Chien Kyra Law & Susan Lee
Kindergarten Senorita & Robika  
Individual Teaching Lee Ping  


Wilson Wong, Saggat,;Alan Ting, Eric Ting,Loh Ley Chuong and Pastor Patrick

Lunch Providers

Lunch will be provided by small groups and various individuals.