Membership & Evangelism

ME01M&E has two main components, one being the members' care while the other the evangelism in nature. 

In membership, TMC is taking steps to take care of the members. Firstly, we need to know who is who and hence properly register them. A platform to do this is our church directory. For visitors, welcoming teams called 'the greeters' are allocated to welcome the visitors and bring them for refreshment after the church service to get to know them. While the visitors are being led to visitors’ café, there are café teams also assigned to serve visitors with hot beverage and snacks. All these efforts are just to make sure visitors are being noticed and taken care of.

In evangelism, TMC is using the Alpha course to encourage members to bring their unbelieving friends to attend the course. It is a practical introduction to the Christian faith and is open to anyone. It runs as a series of weekly gatherings of which each involves a friendly meal, a talk and small group discussion. There are fifteen talks; covering the basic principles of the Christian faith, and a weekend or day away.

As healthy families are keys to a strong church and society, the marriage course helps couples grow closer and build a healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime. Over 7 sessions, the couples learn practical tools to help them invest time in their marriage.