Worship & Music

At Worship and Music Ministry, we not only aim to enable all church comers to worship God in songs and in music, but also to enhance their worship experience in all other ways. Congregations are led in singing by the Praise & Worship team on Sundays and other occasions, in traditional and contemporary music. While the Choirs have weekly presentation at the Chinese service, it is a monthly event at the English service, usually on the first Sunday of the month, which is also the Holy Communion Sunday for the whole church. The pastors and the leaders are assisted by the Holy Communion Team in giving the bread and the cup as the whole church remembers the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. Usually behind the scenes, the Floral Decoration Team put up beautifully designed flowers at the altar, while the Ushers and the Traffic Controllers ensure that people are made to feel at home as they come to worship the Lord.