Sunday School


To reach children with the Gospel and to bring them up as disciples.

We meet every Sunday from 10.30 am to 12 noon at L3 Fellowship Hall for Praise and Worship before the children proceed to their respective classes. We have classes from Kindy to Primary 6. We reach children with the life changing truth and wisdom of the Bible through teaching Bible content, praise and worship and special programmes like Character Building, Memory verse Sunday and Evangelistic Sunday. The children learn to know God and can personally experience spiritual development. Psalm 127:3 says, "Children are a heritage from the Lord". With God's help the SS Ministry can pass on the baton of faith to the future generations. We need to reach and teach children aged 4-14 to be God's agents of transformation in our communities.

We are always in need of teachers and we pray for more brothers and sisters to guide our children to grow in wisdom and stature. Be our partners in this ministry. 

Sunday School Ministry Update October 2015

September 2015

  • Fellowship Lunch for Sunday School teachers and families.

October 2015

  • Bible Quiz 2

November 2015

  • Primary 6 Graduation – a milestone for Primary 6 children

  • Prize giving

  • Appreciation – teachers, class helpers and youth worship team

December 2015

  • Christmas Celebration

As we move into the 4th Quarter of 2015 we give all glory to God for leading and guiding us in the planning and carrying out of the activities to bless the Sunday School children. We pray that the teachers will continue to be faithful and committed in this ministry. We also thank the pastoral team for their support and encouragement.

Sunday School Ministry January Update 2015

We praise and thank God for all the children and teachers in Sunday School. We continue to reach children with the gospel and bring them up as disciples. As we begin a new year, we look forward to God's provision and guidance for all that we have planned for 2015. May His will be done and the childrenl be nurtured in His Word and learn to love Him more dearly.

This year, 2015, our goals will fit into the church's 'Bigger Picture' of "Passing on God's Love".

Through the curriculum (Bible content)Through Character First Program (application)Through special events (fellowship, get-together)

The Sunday School Committee 2015:


Superintendent Betty Wong
Deputy Superintendent  
- Curriculum  Lulu Kong  
- Activity  Tony Wee
Secretary Kara Keung
Treasurer Stella Lai
Resources Susanna Law
Committee Members Yeoh Gim Suan, Fiona Chai

Easter Sunday (5 April 2015)
7 children were confirmed. 1 baptized.

Sunday School Sunday (17 May 2015)
Dedication of Sunday School Teachers
Sunday School Children Presentation
Song: "Kids Telling Kids About The Love of Jesus"

Character Building Program (May & June 2015)
Character Trait – 'Virtuous'
Various activities will be carried out to instill this character trait based on Bible study, craft and story telling.

We thank God for the team of dedicated teachers, giving their time and talent to serve him with love and dedication. We thank God for all the children in our midst.

Sunday School program 2014

Some highlights in 2014:

  1. Primary 6 Baptism and Confirmation Class (January to March 2014)
  2. Sunday School Teachers' Training ( 5th and 6th April 2014)
  3. Sunday School Family Day (2nd August 2014)
  4. Character Building: Generosity (17th and 24th August 2014)