Christian Education

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The aim of Christian Education ministry is to provide lifelong learning & growth toward a mature & vital faith.  By providing courses, seminars and conference, we hope to make everyone in TMC – Disciple of Jesus instead of just believer of Christ.

Every year, we organise the following courses:

  1.  Disciple courses – Red, Green Purple & Gold.  For 2014, we only have one Red Disciple and one Gold Disciple class.
  2. Theological Education by Extension (TEE) by Seremban Theological Seminary (STM)

 Click HERE for TEE-2015 Course Schedule

These years there are 4 courses at Kuching Centre;

  1.  New Testament Survey
  2. Theology ( Pneumatology & Anthropology)
  3. Biblical Interpretation
  4. Church History 2

For new believers, we offer the following classes before Sunday service:

  1. Growing in Christ – 10 weeks course
  2. CEE 201 Discovering Spiritual Maturing – 6 weeks course

For equipping the leaders, we have organised:

  1. “Lead Like Jesus” Seminar
  2. Key to Transformation seminar by House of Elijah

Christian Ethics Seminar was conducted by Ms Ho G K from STM in August.

We also promote reading of Christian books by contributing to TMC website one book review per month.  Hope it will inspire more brothers and sisters to read books that will help our spiritual life. Of course we also encourage brothers and sisters to join seminars/conference that is organised either by annual conference or other Christian organisation.

Do join us in future if there is any course/seminar or conference that the church has arranged.  Together we grow spiritually so that we could be more like Christ.

2017 DISCIPLE Course

disciple classesClasses are open for registration.

  1. Disciple Red, Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study (34 weeks study)
  2. Disciple Green, Into the Word Into the World.(32 weeks study)
  3. Disciple Purple, Remember Who You Are.(32 weeks study)
  4. Disciple Gold, Under the Tree of Life.(32 weeks study)

Those interested, please register with Sis Ting Hie (016-8884255) or Sis Lau Mee Ting (019- 8889461).


  • Orientation is at 3:00pm, Sunday 12 Feb 2017 in L3-2 & L3-3, TMC
  • Disciple Purple Orientation is at 7:00pm Sunday, 5 Feb 2017 in Faith Methodist Church Room 2A.


The Sharings from Disciple Class 2016.