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Throughout the Bible and church history, God has always used young people for His glory. King David. Queen Esther. Joseph. Spiritual leaders of these Awakening movements: Evan Roberts, Samuel Mils, and many more. Again and again, God loves to harvest the zeal, energy, and enthusiasm of the young people for His kingdom. Amen?

In Trinity Youth, we seek to build youths that love God and love people. Our vision for 2020 is to deepen our relationship with God through prayer and worship; to build stronger relationships with each other. We yearn for youths to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. To know how sweet God’s fatherly love is, and to be filled up with the Holy Spirit, that they may live each day as salt and light in a dark and broken world.

To fulfill our first aim, our activities include Bible Study (to gain logos of who God is) and Worship and Prayer Night as well as Ministry Time (to experience God personally). In our effort to reach our second goal, we have bonding activities, like Game Night, Movie Night, and more. These are vital to build a young Christian community where we can rely on each other for support through curveballs in life.

As a fellowship, Trinity Youth is a safe space for anyone, from any background to share with us their life journeys, ideas, and dreams. We offer a listening ear and support for your struggles and pain. We understand the world seems big, scary, and complicated for us inexperienced youths. Navigating through life is challenging as we try to answer life’s biggest questions like “What is the meaning of my life? Why am I here? Who am I?” At youth, we can’t promise an answer to ALL these questions, but we can walk through life together – so that the road would not seem so dark and lonely.

Young people, we all want to do something big. Be it solving poverty, ending wars, or curing AIDS; all of us have big dreams. However, before we face the world, we need to have a strong foundation in Christ to not sway from the right path. Thus, let us build THAT foundation in our teenage, formative years. Come, join Youth and let us spend our golden years getting to know God, to honor Him as we were called to do.  See you on Saturday, at 7.30 pm-8.30 pm, at the Chapel of Good Samaritan!

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By Ong Rui Yu, Chairperson of Trinity Youth

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Sunday School


To reach children with the Gospel and to bring them up as disciples.

We meet every Sunday from 10.30 am to 12 noon at L3 Fellowship Hall for Praise and Worship before the children proceed to their respective classes. We have classes from Kindy to Primary 6. We reach children with the life changing truth and wisdom of the Bible through teaching Bible content, praise and worship and special programmes like Character Building, Memory verse Sunday and Evangelistic Sunday. The children learn to know God and can personally experience spiritual development. Psalm 127:3 says, "Children are a heritage from the Lord". With God's help the SS Ministry can pass on the baton of faith to the future generations. We need to reach and teach children aged 4-14 to be God's agents of transformation in our communities.

We are always in need of teachers and we pray for more brothers and sisters to guide our children to grow in wisdom and stature. Be our partners in this ministry.

Boys' Brigade


Girls' Brigade