MJYF Bible Reading Marathon

MJYF BibleMarathon

Joey Yung -

Trinity Youth Fellowship held a bible reading marathon on the 17th to the 18th of July, 2015 at the Chapel of the Good Samaritan, Trinity Methodist Church. The purpose of this bible reading marathon is to encourage the youths to read the bible more and to build up the spiritual lives of the youths. Thirty five youths and four advisors were present.

The night started off at 7.30 pm with praise and worship led by Elijah Wong. After that, we had bible reading. We started reading the first book of the New Testament, the Book of Matthew at 8 pm. Everyone took turn to read a chapter each. We finished the Book of Matthew at around 10 pm. After that, we continued reading the Book of Mark, Luke (10pm to 2.46am), John (2.47am to 4.43am) and Acts. We finished the Book of Acts at 7.22 am. After the bible reading marathon, we had breakfast (kolo mee) sponsored by our beloved Youth-Reverend-In-Charge, Reverend Poh Chin Sing.

 Through this bible reading marathon, I believe that the advisors have managed to guide the youths on their journey of knowing God better. Also, I believe that this bible reading marathon have bonded the youths. I hope that the youths will continue to read God’s Word and serve God faithfully. All glory to God.

MJYF BibleMarathon1Grace Law -

This Bible Marathon, inspired by Rev Tryphena who challenged us during the recent Trinity Youth Set Apart Camp which was held from 11st to 13th June, 2015 to dedicate one night to complete reading the New Testament, as a lot of teenagers these days, including us, do not devote enough time of our lives to read the Word of God. We were at church from 7.30pm on Friday until 7.22am the next day, taking turns to read the New Testament, beginning from the book of Matthew. The turnout exceeded our expectations, with more than 30 participants, from ages Primary 6 to A Levels, all gathered together to spend time with God.

The night went on to be a great success, as we gathered together and read chapter by chapter, tirelessly, for 12 hours. We managed to complete the Book of Acts, rejoicing our accomplishment as a family. Regardless of the weariness we felt physically, mentally, we were wide awake and thirsting for more, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

It was truly an awakening experience that set a fire burning within us to continue pursuing our journey with God especially through reading the Bible daily.

MJYF BibleMarathon2Estelle Tan -

That night 17th of July, in the chapel everyone was sitting in a big round circle waiting for their turn to read the bible. One by one, chapter by chapter. One chapter almost take around 10 minutes and there are still half of them until my turn. Everyone was really focus on the first few hours, but slowly most of them getting tired and even some of them went for a nap in the room after they finished reading for the first round. I saw some of them went out to relax their muscles when I am having my coffee outside. That time was already around 12.00am. When I got back inside, there were left few of the boys were wide awake. I will be sleeping too if it weren’t for the coffee. I went in and out the room where my friends were sleeping, to make sure I am still awake. There was a moment I tried to sleep but I can’t, maybe it was because of the coffee. I was really tired. I fall asleep at 3.30am and woke up at 4.30am. And we had our kolo mee for breakfast. Praised the Lord we succeed the bible marathon without stopping until the morning.

MJYF BibleMarathon4Nicholas Lau -

A bible reading marathon was conducted on the 17th of July 2015, in Trinity Methodist Church. It was a memorable experience for me, as I had a deeper understanding of God and His Word. It is amazing to see so many youngsters who are just so passionate for God and are willing to sacrifice their night to have a deeper foundation of God’s Word.

When I first heard of the bible reading marathon, I felt really enthusiastic to participate. Never have I ever heard of having a night to finish the New Testament of the bible. After praying about it, God made a way and I managed to persuade my parents to let me go. Before the Bible Reading Marathon, I was already pumped up. I started preparing my heart to concentrate on God’s Word and spent my free time worshiping and just interceding for the big event.

Before we began our bible reading marathon, we spent some time to worship and soften our hearts so that the Holy Spirit may guide us in Spirit and in Truth. It was amazing, as I could feel God’s Presence as it was imparted in each and every one of us. We ended worship with a prayer, that the Holy Spirit will be with us through the night, we will have the eagerness to know more about Jesus Christ and the guidance of God our Father.

We started reading the book of Matthew. Each chapter took about 5 minutes, which was just enough time to understand the context of the Bible and not just skim through it. Throughout the reading, I had learned many things about God’s Kingdom. One of the many things I learned was to seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness, so that all things will work according to God’s good and pleasing Will.

I feel that this bible reading marathon is very beneficial as I was easily able to compare and understand the Four Gospels. I was able to read each book, with the other Gospels still freshly in my head. I received a clearer and more complete picture of Christ, as all the authors of each Gospel viewed Jesus very differently. Matthew viewed Jesus as a Promised King, Mark viewed Him as a Suffering Servant, Luke pictured him as a Son of Man, adding many details not found in the other gospel accounts, and John emphasizes His Deity.

In the end, we were only able to finish up to the Book of Acts, but it was indeed a revealing experience for all of us. God has His own Perfect Timing for everything. After this experience, I started to hunger for more and more of God’s intervention in our lives, that we may be so filled with the Presence of God. I do hope that more events like these would be organized, so that I will receive more and more revelations from God. As for me, I will continue to serve the Lord with passion and compassion, because our generation has no room for complacency.

Matthew 5: 16 Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven

 MJYF BibleMarathon5Ong Rui Jie -

The idea of Bible Marathon was first planted in us by an invited speaker, Rev. Tryphena. She thought that it would be good for us to spend more time reading God’s Word and therefore deepen our knowledge of Him and strengthen our faith. We started off with a 5 minutes daily bible reading challenge. All our youths are fired up and therefore shared their progress every day on social media.

The first ever Bible Marathon was held on the 17 July 2015 from 8:00pm till 18 July 2015, 7.22am the next morning, spanning about 12 hours. We covered all the 4 gospels and also the Acts of Apostle. Although it is not much, it is a good start for everyone. Some fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning and some stayed wide awake till the whole session end. The most memorable moment was 3:35 am in the morning when Nicholas, one of us was reading John 3:16 and everyone was cheering and supporting each other to not give up reading.

I personally fell asleep for a little while as I have a sloth-like personality when it comes to sleep. However this event has really light up the spark in me and I am so in love with the fact that I am trying my best to read God’s Word. I am now keeping up with my Bible reading Plans which I was slacking before. Please continue on to pray for my journey with Christ.


Susan Soon - From an advisor's point of view:
I think I can speak on behalf of our pastors and fellow advisors that we were really encouraged by the number of youth that registered for this bible reading marathon. In within 2 days, 35 youth registered. We were only expecting a handful of them to join.   

This is the first time in a long while that we can see the youth are so fired up to learn more about God's words. God is prompting them to see how important it is to learn more about Him and His words. And I believe through learning more about God, their relationship will deepen with Him.

We will definitely arranged more of this kind of events as we can see it is really bearing fruits in the youth. Please pray for our youth so that they be grounded in the words of God and for us advisors to continue to serve with love, joy and wisdom in guiding the youth that God has put in our care.

God bless our youth.