Organization 2015

Plan and Setup


Bible lesson Maths Recess English Lunch
9:30-10:00 10:00-11:15 11:15-11:30 11:30-12:30 12:30-1:00


Coordinator Lee Khoon Siew
Teachers/Adminstrator Lee Ping
Curriculum Lee Ping and George Lee
Student’s affairs/Disciplinarian George Lee
Logistics James Lau and Lau Sie Hang
Lunch Lee Khoon Siew


The following teachers are presently volunteering.

Teachers Main teacher Relief teachers
Bible Lesson George Lee Richard Labung
Secondary Maths Tony Yap Joyce Wong
Secondary Eng Yeo Gim Suan Diana Labung
Pri. 5 & 6 Maths/Eng Teng Lee Fang &Lim Hong Lee Khoon Siew
Pri. 3 & 4 Maths/Eng Seah Han Rong Alice Labung
Pri. 1 & 2 Maths/Eng Erwinia Chien Kyra Law & Susan Lee
Kindergarten Senorita & Robika  
Individual Teaching Lee Ping  


Wilson Wong, Saggat,;Alan Ting, Eric Ting,Loh Ley Chuong and Pastor Patrick

Lunch Providers

Lunch will be provided by small groups and various individuals.