Property Management 2014

  1. Our Church recently purchased a new Toyota 12-seater church van costs Rm108,500.00 with registration QAA6855K.
  2. Eldercare & Community building project has been completed in August and handed over to our Church - details refer Social Concern report.
  3. Upgrading of Church front fencing also completed - refer EC project report.
  4. Trinity playground located at Ground Floor of Sanctuary finally completes with equipments and fencing.
  5. At Sanctuary L3 Fellowship Hall, a audio recording room has been added near the stage.
  6. Both BB & GB rooms have been extended recently.
  7. Renovation of Chapel is progressing well, expect to finish by end of September in time for 30 years anniversary.  Total cost of renovation is Rm240,724.00, major works include new ceiling, new floor tiles, toilets, meeting rooms, altar stage, acoustic treatment, rewiring, etc.