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SCAC English Ministry Forum 2016

SCAC English Ministry Forum 2016
Venue:- Methodist Centennial Park, Sibu
Date:-   29/01 (Fri. 1:30pm) – 30/1 (Sat.12:30pm)
Forum Program CLICK HERE
Registration Fee: RM 30 only
Registration Form CLICK HERE
For Group Registration CLICK HERE
Closing Date: 17/01/16 (Sunday) 
Please pass the completed form together with the registration fee to your church lay leader who will compile the church group registration and send it to Wesley Methodist Church, Sibu.
Theme: Mentoring Matters
"Mentoring is a relatively recent term especially in Christian circles, but what it describes has been the focus of Christian community since the early church. It is a dynamic relationship of trust in which one person enables another to maximise the grace of God in his/her life and service. It has a sound biblical and theological basis with Jesus as the ultimate model, retaining all that is consistent with his life and teaching." 
Extract from "Mentoring to Develop Disciples and Leaders" by John Mallison
John Wesley's 'General Rules for Methodist Fellowships' (Societies) released in 1743 included, 'Watch over one another in love'. This was the key to his success in retaining those who were converted through that revival. In class meetings and one-to-one, they cared for one another. "Watching over one another" is the essence of mentoring.