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The days of Holy Week

The holy week is the last week of Lent, the week preceding Easter. This week, as a body of Christ, we come together to commemorate the suffering (Passion) and death of our Lord Jesus through various observances and worship service.

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, we remembered the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem for Passover celebration, where people were excitedly waving palm branches and proclaiming Jesus as the Messiah.

Maundy Thursday

Maundy is usually translated as “commandment”. TMC will observe few significant events that occurred during the last meal Jesus shared with His disciples. This night we will observe communion and feet washing to remind us of Jesus’ commandment to love and serve one another and to imitate Jesus’ humility and the spirit of servant hood.

At the end of the service, lights in the sanctuary will be gradually dimmed. Let the darkness reminds us of the dark hours approaching Jesus’ life and His loneliness caused by the abandonment of His disciples.

Prayer Vigil

We will continue to remember Jesus’ suffering and observed it by fasting and praying.

Good Friday

On this day, the church remembers Jesus’ arrest, his trial, crucifixion and suffering, death and burial. It is a day of mourning and meditation for us to remember the hours of torture and humiliation that Our Lord had to suffer as a consequence of our sins. As we focus on the cross and His sacrifice, let us reflect, repent, pray and also give thanks to God who took this gruesome crucifixion and did something absolutely incredible with it, turning it into the day of ultimate forgiveness.

As we mourn, the church altar would be stripped of any decorations and covered with black or purple cloth. Only a crown of thorns and the cross would be present. Let it be a reminder to us that Christ was stripped of His dignity and humiliated for us.


Let us celebrate as Jesus had risen and He is triumphant over death!! The shameful Friday cross has become the glorious cross bringing us salvation, reconciliation, love, joy and peace with God.