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Video Audio
Title Speaker Date
True or False by Ps Chan Chok Ong Pastor Chan Chok Ong 14 October 2018
Watchout by Rev Lau Hui Ming Rev Lau Hui Ming 07 October 2018
Stay Pure by Rev Lau Hui Ming Rev Lau Hui Ming 30 September 2018
Do Not Take The Name Of Jehovah In Vain by Rev Wong Hie Ing Rev Wong Hie Ing with Dr Simon Huang as translator 23 September 2018
The Power of Words by Ps Chiong Pastor Chiong Yew Hee with Dr. Simon Huang as Translator 16 September 2018
Be The Salt & Light – Make An Impact! by Dr Simon Huang Dr Simon Huang 09 September 2018
Beyond Optimism by Rev Lau Hui Ming Rev Lau Hui Ming 02 September 2018
Great Is Thy Faithfulness by Rev Lau Hui Ming Rev Lau Hui Ming 26 August 2018
Dare To Hope Rev Lau Hui Ming 12 August 2018
Light, Momentary Affliction by Rev Mike Raiter Rev Mike Raiter 05 August 2018
Give For Equality by President Rev Tie King Tai President Rev Dr Tie King Tai 29 July 2018
Listening, Doing And Spreading The Word by Ps Chiong Yew Hee Pastor Chiong with Sis. Lau Mee Ting as translator 22 July 2018
Is There Still Hope? by Rev. Lau with Bro. James Law Sharing Rev Lau Hui Ming 01 July 2018
FEAR Sis. Lau Mee Ting 24 June 2018
Are You Bearing Much Fruit? Dr. Simon Wong 17 June 2018
Turn Your Heart To God Rev Lau Hui Ming 10 June 2018
Either You Are In Or Apart Pastor Danny Pang 03 June 2018
Faith Manifesto Local Preacher Sis. Judith Tang 27 May 2018
Broken Is Not Worthless Rev Lau Hui Ming 20 May 2018
Rethinking Filial Piety Pastor Chan Chok Ong 13 May 2018