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Video Audio
Title Speaker Date
Are You Bearing Much Fruit? Dr. Simon Wong 17 June 2018
Turn Your Heart To God Rev Lau Hui Ming 10 June 2018
Either You Are In Or Apart Pastor Danny Pang 03 June 2018
Faith Manifesto Local Preacher Sis. Judith Tang 27 May 2018
Broken Is Not Worthless Rev Lau Hui Ming 20 May 2018
Rethinking Filial Piety Pastor Chan Chok Ong 13 May 2018
Multiplication Through Intentional Disciplemaking Rev Tony Yeo of CEFC Singapore 22 April 2018
Life Transformed, Proclaiming Jesus Pastor Chan Chok Ong with Dr. Simon Huang as Translator 01 April 2018
For Our Sake Rev Lau Hui Ming 29 March 2018
Jesus Humbled Himself For Our Sake Pastor Chan Chok Ong 25 March 2018
Humility & Healing Chan Jih Ren 18 March 2018
The Good Samaritan Pastor James Lee 11 March 2018
Jesus Gave Up All For Our Sake Rev Lau Hui Ming 04 March 2018
Spiritual Walfare Sis. Lau Mee Ting 25 February 2018
God's Wailing Pastor Chan Chok Ong 18 February 2018
Courage To Mourn, Dare To Hope Rev Lau Hui Ming 04 February 2018
The Announcement Of Judgement Pastor Chan Chok Ong 28 January 2018
Remember To Come Home Rev Lau Hui Ming 21 January 2018
They Were Together Rev Lau Hui Ming 07 January 2018