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Video Audio
Title Speaker Date
Worship Of Life Rev Wong Hie Ing with Clement Sim 15 January 2017
About The Birth Of Jesus Christ Rev Poh Chin Sing 18 December 2016
Fo God So Loved The World Rev Lau Hui Ming 04 December 2016
Standing Strong Through The Storm Matthew Wong 27 November 2016
Wisdom Is Meaningless Rev Poh Chin Sing 20 November 2016
Under The Sun Rev Lau Hui Ming 06 November 2016
Feed My Sheeps Rev Poh Chin Sing 30 October 2016
Remember The poor Chan Jih Ren 23 October 2016
Be Focused Rev Poh Chin Sing 16 October 2016
A Vision Of The Glory Of God Dr. Peter Lau 09 October 2016
What Do You Have? Rev Lau Hui Ming 02 October 2016
Who Are Methodists? Rev Lau Hui Ming 25 September 2016
There Can Be More Love By Pastor Chiong Pastor Chiong Yew Hee 11 September 2016
After We Have Prayed Rev Lau Hui Ming 04 September 2016
Truth Will Always Be True Pastor Chiong Yew Hee 28 August 2016
Growing Up Rev Poh Chin Sing 21 August 2016
Are You A Sick Christian? Rev Wong Hie Ing with Clement Sim 14 August 2016
Spiritual Motion Sickness Rev Lau Hui Ming 07 August 2016
Be The Light & Salt For Jesus In Workplace Rev Wong Hie Ing with Clement Sim 31 July 2016
Mission In Action Rev Poh Chin Sing 17 July 2016