Girls' Brigade

The Girls' Brigade 3rd Kuching Company


The Girls’ Brigade 3rd Kuching Company

SRC : Rev Lau Hui Ming

Chaplain : Rev Lau Hui Ming

Advisor: Aileen Tan

Captain : Captain Lily Ting

Sections Officer-In-Charge Officers

Cadets : 6 - 9 years old Lt. Mary Ting WO Cindy Chow, AW Esther Chua, AW Jollyha

Juniors : 10 - 12 years old Lt. Christina Leong Lt Alice Yek, Lt Khoo Hui Sing, AW Fiona Tan

Seniors : 13 - 15 years old Lt. Ting Mee Na Lt Cynthia Chan

Pioneers : 16 - 18 years old Lt Wong Sing Dee Lt Julita Chen, Lt Jacinta Kong

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4-square programme 

The Girls’ Brigade develop girls with its 4-square programme

Spiritually : Belief in God based on Christian values and principles; activities for building character and developing the capacity to make good and right decisions

Educationally : GB serves to complement the school curriculum and thus helps girls gain additional knowledge and skills with its programme of wholesome fun in learning, discipline in freedom and responsibility in leadership

Socially : Awareness of the environment and community around them; to develop a sense of care and concern for others

Physically : Instill a sense of adventure, fair competition and fitness as an individual and a maturing, young lady

Motto and Aim 

Motto : Seek Him Expectantly, Serve Him Courageously & Follow Him, Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Aim : To help girls become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and through self-control, reverence and a sense of responsibility to find true enrichment of life.

Venue : Trinity Methodist Church, Kuching

Time : 1.45 - 5pm Saturday

Our Vision for 2014 - 2018

Impacting lives, touching families, building the nation, blessing the world

Mission for 2014 - 2018

To be a strong and united Christian uniform organization for girls and women

Progressing in quality towards excellence

Impacting church and communities through evangelism and ministry