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How Do I Fast?

Fasting confirms our total dependence on God by finding Him as a source of our sustenance beyond food. On the night that Jesus was betrayed, He asked His disciples to watch and pray. This year, we at Trinity would like to spend the whole night of Thursday and part of Good Friday to fast.

This is in line with the practice of John Wesley who throughout his life fasted from after dinner on Thursday until tea time on Friday.

We will start fasting after the Maundy Thursday Holy Communion Service and will breakfast together on Friday after the Good Friday service.

There are 3 formats of fasting and we encourage you to select one that is most appropriate for your health and lifestyle.


Abstain from all solid food for the designated period. Take only water.


Sacrifice either your breakfast or lunch on Friday. Use that time to pray.


Follow the example of Daniel in abstaining from meat and other delicacies. Take only small portions of fresh vegetables, fruits and juice

Things To Note:

  • During the full fast, you can drink more water, and live your normal life (Mat 6:16-18).
  • Use the regular meal times to pray. Praying, singing, reading the bible, meditating, being silent, or anything else, is for drawing near to God and trusting in Him fully.
  • When breaking fast, do not eat too much too quickly. Eat some light porridge, biscuits, or juice, and then slowly increase the quantity of food intake.