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古晋男少年军第二分隊50周年庆典: - 
~ 8月12号(星期六),古晋男少年军50周年庆典展览将会在古晋Vivacity Megamall East Atrium盛大举行!从早上的10点到晚上8点半,现场除了备有庆典展示、游戏还有迷你摄影棚,同时,古晋男少年军第二分队也将带来各项精彩的演出。
2nd Kuching company The Boys' Brigade 50th Anniversary Events: -

12 August,2017 (Saturday) – We will have grand launching of our 50th Anniversary Public Display at Kuching Vivacity Megamall East Atrium. From 10am until 8pm, we will have anniversary displays, games and photo booths. At the same time, we will have various performances throughout the day.


喜欢参加填色比赛的小朋友要注意咯!配合古晋男少年军第二分隊50周年庆典,一项儿童填色比赛即将在8月12号(星期六),早上10点到中午12点,在古晋Vivacity Megamall East Atrium举办!
想要报名参加的小朋友,我们将会在15.07.2017 & 16.07.2017 假 Vivacity Megamal Padini 前面设立报名柜台供大家报名,或联络古晋男少年军第二分隊的沈志祥团长( 013-8048025)了解更多详情!
~ 8月19号(星期六),傍晚6点半到晚上9点半,古晋男少年军第二分队将在KTS Garden举办古晋男少年军第二分隊50周年庆典晚宴!~ 8月20号 (星期日),早上10点半假三一堂举行50周年感恩崇拜。 
欢迎曾经参加古晋男少年军第二分隊的前会员踊跃出席,更多询问或购票详情,欢迎联络沈志祥团长( 013-8048025)

For those children who like colouring, we have good news for you!! We will have a colouring contest from 10am to 12pm at Kuching Vivacity Megamall East Atrium. This colouring contest will be separated into two categories; Group A is for children between 7 to 9 years old, and group B is for children between 10 to 12 years old. If you wish to register for this contest, we will have a registration booth at Vivacity Megamall (in front of Padini Concept Store) on 15.07.2017 & 16.07.2017. For more information, please contact 2nd Kuching Captain Sim( 013-8048025)

19 August,2017 (Saturday) – We will be having our 50th Anniversary dinner at KTS Garden at 6pm to celebrate this joyous occasion. On the next morning (20/8), we will have our 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service at Trinity Methodist Church at 10:30am. We are inviting all 2nd Kuching ex-Boys and ex-Officers to attend this service. For more information, please contact 2nd Kuching Captain Sim( 013-8048025)