Were You There?


Dear Pastors,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and the church for the thorough thoughts and efforts that had been invested in this year’s Lent Season. The series of pastoral messages titled, “Were You There” had led us into deeper reflection and spiritual experience of Christ love for us.

I was familiarized with Jesus’s crucifixion on the cross for our sins because of His great love for us, however the series of message had brought new enlightenment to my understanding and perspective on His crucifixion. All this while, Jesus’s crucifixion seems to be a distant concept in relation to me. I used to “blame” the ungrateful leaders and people who nailed Him on the cross and seeing the situation from a less personal view. However, on Thursday’s Maundy Service, I was moved by your message, particularly when you mentioned, “…if we admit we are Sinners, our sins had nailed him on the cross…”. It was then I realized that I was also convicted as one who had nailed Him on the cross.

On Good Friday, the service led the congregation into experiencing the emotions and meaning behind the skit scenes of His crucifixion. Personally, I found the ending of the service was very meaningful when we were asked to write down our sins on the given cross and stick them on the cross at the pulpit)

On Saturday morning, while having breakfast with my eldest brother, who was a Catholic, I shared with him my 40 days partial fasting, the church’s Lent season event, Praying & Reflection through “ Jesus 14 stations on the cross” , Maundy and Good Friday services. He was surprised to learn that these events were also conducted in Methodist Churches, not only in Catholic Churches. I also shared with him my first experience of learning that I was also one of those who had nailed him on the cross. I was surprised when he shared with me that at one point of their Catholic Good Friday Mass, the congregation was encouraged to shout “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”. Upon hearing that, my conviction was confirmed; that I was one of those who had crucified Him !

On Easter Sunday service, the message hit its climax and had brought spiritual enlightenment, hope and encouragement to me and my family. I used to ponder on why the women had to bring myrrh to anoint Jesus when they knew he had been buried with the tomb tightly sealed and guarded. Through the sermon, I found my answer that is, the women were not able to anoint Him because it was a Sabbath day. Besides that, I was also very encouraged by your sharing on the disciple commitments and the meaning of the “Stones” that our Risen Lord had overcame! Lastly, the ending of the sermon served as a great reminder; that our human limit ends at the grave but only God goes beyond the death.

This Lent Season was very special, experiential and personal to me and I am truly thank God for the church in planning such a great spiritual event and enlightening pastoral messages to us all. All Glory Be to God ! - I was there -