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Our location 地点


Sunday Worship 
 8:00 am - 华语堂 @ 圣堂
 8:00 am - BM @ Chapel of Good Samaritan
10:30 am - English @ Sanctuary
Sunday School
 8:00 am - Chinese and BM 
10:30 am - English 

Saturday Activities 周六活动

1:00 pm - Boys' Bridgade
1:45 pm - Girls' Bridgade
6:30 pm - Trinity Youth (BM)
7:30 pm - Trinity Youth (English)

Prayer Meet 祷告会

Thursday 星期四
8:00 pm - English @ L3 Fellowship Hall
8:00 pm - 华语 @ 好邻舍副堂
Prayer Meet
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Order of Worship & News


Were You There?


Dear Pastors,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and the church for the thorough thoughts and efforts that had been invested in this year’s Lent Season. The series of pastoral messages titled, “Were You There” had led us into deeper reflection and spiritual experience of Christ love for us.

I was familiarized with Jesus’s crucifixion on the cross for our sins because of His great love for us, however the series of message had brought new enlightenment to my understanding and perspective on His crucifixion. All this while, Jesus’s crucifixion seems to be a distant concept in relation to me. I used to “blame” the ungrateful leaders and people who nailed Him on the cross and seeing the situation from a less personal view. However, on Thursday’s Maundy Service, I was moved by your message, particularly when you mentioned, “…if we admit we are Sinners, our sins had nailed him on the cross…”. It was then I realized that I was also convicted as one who had nailed Him on the cross.