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Sunday Worship 
 8:00 am - 华语堂 @ 圣堂
 8:00 am - BM @ Chapel of Good Samaritan
10:30 am - English @ Sanctuary
Sunday School
 8:00 am - Chinese and BM 
10:30 am - English 

Saturday Activities 周六活动

1:00 pm - Boys' Bridgade
1:45 pm - Girls' Bridgade
6:30 pm - Trinity Youth (BM)
7:30 pm - Trinity Youth (English)

Prayer Meet 祷告会

Thursday 星期四
8:00 pm - English @ L3 Fellowship Hall
8:00 pm - 华语 @ 好邻舍副堂
Prayer Meet
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Order of Worship & News
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Disciple Red Testimony- Joshua

My initial intent of joining the disciple class was to get into the habit of reading the scriptures on a regular basis with proper guidelines and to hopefully to be able to hear from the Lord. In the past, I have tried to follow a few bible reading planners but failed as I was too accommodated to read in my own way and I feel constricted following a planner.

I remember the first few weeks of the disciple class normally had between 10 to 20 students and the daily chapters assigned to read were easy; so to say. But I never thought I would have difficulty trying to finish the daily readings assigned halfway through the class until half way through the course. There were weeks where I had to catch up a few days of reading because I was busy but I always seem to manage in the end. The reason being I felt those weeks were very dry and dull.

Nevertheless, I felt the Lord spoke to me in several occasions throughout the course and despite the difficulty of the reading; the classes at the end of the week were a great delight. Every week there was laughter and we all get to know more of each other. As we approach to the final weeks, there were only half of the original number who joined and it was a bit sad to see some who had to leave when we were already close to finishing.

Overall, I felt the best part of the disciple class was the fellowship we had with each other and the prayers we prayed for each other every week. It was a lot of time I had to sacrifice but it was all worth it.

By Joshua Ng