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COVID-19 Resources

The following resources are available for viewing relating to COVID-19:

  1. Episcopal Letter 
  2. Latest notice- Sunday Worship Services (SCAC, TMC)
  3. Prayer points
    1. 60-minute prayer guide
    2. A Day of Fasting & Praye
    3. Holy Week Prayer & Fasting (from Palm Sunday)
    4. Pray to end COVID-19 by OM
    5. Personal Prayer
  4. Family Altar
    1. An Intro to Family Devotion
    2. Family Devotion Compilation
    3. Family Easter Activity Ideas
  5. Useful Resource Links
    1. For Small Group Leaders
      1. Discipling When Your Group Can’t Meet Due to COVID-19
      2. How Online Small Group Work
    2. Daily devotion by Journey Through - Colossians & Philemon
    3. NECF COVID-19 Devotion
    4. Articles
      1. 7 Truths to Hang on to During COVID-19 Crisis
      2. Facing Covid-19: A Guide To Phychological Wellbeing
    5. Movies
      1. The Encouter
      2. One Night with The King (Esther)
      3. Breakthrough
      4. Jesus (from the Gospel of Luke)
      5. Letters to God 
      6. End of the Spear
      7. Risen
      8. The Case for Christ
      9. I'm not Ashamed
      10. Tortured for Christ
      11. The Pilgrim’s Progress
      12. I'm In Love With A Church Girl
    6. Others

Sarawak COVID-19 Hotline

CPCR 082-443248
PBK Kuching 082-248864
PBK Serian 082-872331
PBK Samarahan 082-672101
PBK Sri Aman 083-320230
PBK Betong 083-472360
PBK Sarikei 084-652815
PBK Mukah 084-873302
PBK Sibu 084-345862
PBK Kapit 084-796264
PBK Bintulu 086-315235
PBK Miri 085-410722
PBK Limbang 085-211726
Please call these numbers first if you show any symptoms like high fever, cough and shortness of breath before going to the hospital.